Part bird-watching anthem, part despondent bedroom pop jam, the latest cut from Pizzagirl is simply put, a delight. The Liverpool-based musician is a one-man operation, with 19-year-old Liam Brown handling all the production and press photos taken by his mum (and credited to pizzamum). Without anyone to distract him, his music feels sincere and raw. His debut release will be the aptly named EP An Extended Play and 'Seabirds' is the final song to be unveiled; listen to it exclusively below.

"Wear your freshest life jacket, full steam ahead as we travel at unlimited speeds to the shore of internet, you might become a little woozy from melancholy as you are slippin' and slidin' through the radio waves to search for the birds of the digital sea!"

Minimalist synths start us off, adding a drum machine before long echoes reverberate behind Pizzagirl’s vocals. Bright flute-like sounds eventually swell during the refrain. The song has a quaint melancholy to it, celebrating imagination with a dose of the macabre: “I wish the seabirds were all around me, I wish the seabirds would leave me dead.” Other Pizzagirl singles, which will appear on An Extended Play, feature similar heartsick progressions underneath his signature cavernous vocals. Pick up the EP next Friday, April 13, out on Heist or Hit.