Birdman and Lil Wayne appeared to have resolved their major beef this year, following months of lawsuits and murder conspiracies. (Thank goodness, we got out of that with both Cash Money artists still intact.) But some unresolved tension has now made its way onto a record, as Birdman seems to be aiming some bars at his protege on the Neno Calvin and Hot Boy-fatured 'Fuk Em.'

"Who put this shit together, ni**a? Me, that's who. Who took nothing turned it into something that started with nothing? Me, that's who. Who made ni**as millionaires and they ain't had nothin' before I met 'em and I then made 'em into somethin', ni**a? Me, that's who. Who went to the penitentiary caught five and had 15 and came out with 10 on paper, ni**a? Me, that's who. Who come from Uptown movin' birds, puttin' in work, gettin' to work, ni**a? Me, that's who. Who sold a billion records, ni**a? Me, that's who. Who was 16, ni**a, with a mil cash, ni**a? Me, that's who."

The song could also appear on Birdman's upcoming album Ms. Gladys, which he says is out June 24 but also comes a few days after Baby shared a photo of him and Wayne smiling with the caption "4Life #ymcmb4life."

4Life #ymcmb4life

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