If you say the word "BitTorrent" to anyone, it's really quite simple as to say what they're thinking about; downloading music illegally. However, BitTorrent is trying to shy away with that and that's all the more evident with the release of a new project titled 'Bundles'.

BitTorrent Bundles is being hailed by the company as a new way for fans to be interacted with. It's currently in the Alpha stage but nonetheless, it's an interesting concept, no?

The following quote is from BitTorrent on what 'Bundles' is all about.

"We don’t need another digital radio station. We don’t need another walled garden or standalone content store. We need ways to place value exchanges within the content itself – allowing these exchanges to travel freely, without barriers or limitations; allowing these exchanges to multiply as content is shared. Our goal is to move the interaction to where it matters; making it a property of the file, versus the distribution framework; giving artists real data about, and real access to, their fans."