As part of the dynamic career perspective of Björk at MoMa earlier this year, the legendary figure discussed her interpersonal journey and internal discoveries with noted philosopher Timothy Morton. Now, that three-month email exchange is available for the world to see.

The exchange, which can be read via Dazed, begins with Björk reaching out to the 47-year-old London author, who is a professor and Rita Shea Guffey Chair at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Both sides share a clear admiration for one another's work, but Björk still clearly wonders about herself, asking "who could help me define what 'ism' I am?" in the third email. From then on, the emails drift into discussion of post-humanism, ethnicity, history, and the "tyranny of the oblivious," among other subjects. For fans of the iconoclast artist, it's a must read.

2015 has become, for a handful of artists, an incredibly defining year. While the meteoric rise of younger artists like Kendrick Lamar has been certainly prominent, few artists have been able to execute a vision and power on par with Björk. As well as debuting her otherworldly stunning new album Vulnicura, one of the year's absolute best releases, her aforementioned MoMa exhibition and subsequent debut of her March book Archives gave listeners a unique new opportunity to explore her impossibly unique vision and work.

Stream Björk's profound new Vulnicura today, which recently became available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, and order the album on iTunes.