In a recent interview with Wired, Björk spoke about the future of the music industry.

There once was a time when artists were simply engaged in chats about their upcoming singles, their inspirations and their hopes for the future, however the ever-changing world that is the music industry has become a subject of some contention.

It seems a lot of well-established artists who's own ingenuity and hard work were instrumental to their success have got a lot to say on the subject - just look at Thom Yorke's ongoing feud with Spotify for the perfect example of clashing professional musical opinions. And why shouldn't they? If anybody understands the industry, surely it's those in the eye of the storm?

Björk's Biophilia used a host of online platforms to promote itself, from streams to interactive apps, immersing herself in the changing world of music. She says of her decision to present her album in such a way:

"...the changes have put even more importance on that the expression is the most important part. All else are just tools to express yourself with, and so they should be."

You can read the full interview here.

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