You ever tried Oculus Rift? No, me either, but Björk is nevertheless scaling the heights of new technologies to create a music video that can be viewed on Oculus Rift. In fact, it's for her next single 'Stonemilker' and has already been directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.

Whether it will be available exclusively for the virtual reality device, and therefore tapping up a whole new section of potential audiences (presumably gamers, and ones that love virtual reality), or if it will be available to see everywhere but just optimised for Oculus Rift, it remains to be seen.

Speaking about the medium to Fast Company, Björk said, "It's easy to get really intimate [with virtual reality]. It's almost more intimate than real life. It also has this crazy panoramic quality. I think it's really exciting."

Although it is great to see somebody exploring and pioneering new technology like this, how many people will it realistically reach? Unless it is released in a gallery setting with headsets hanging on the walls, the actual VR experience will elude many of us.

When asked about the likelihood of a potential album for Oculus Rift — "It can't just be working with the gadget for the sake of the gadget," she said. "But also it's about budgets. You can do apps cheaply. Apps was kind of punk, actually. It was like starting a punk band again. Filming for Oculus Rift is not."

Björk is no stranger to technology, of course; as you will remember, her 2011 Biophilia was actually released as an app (the first "app album" ever, apparently) and was even deemed important enough for the MoMA to add it to their permanent collection. We'll soon see how the Oculus Rift experiment turns out, and whether or not it will stand the test of time.

Recently Björk was in the mix for a Tri Angle Records show on Rinse FM, where she debuted a remix by Lotic of her track 'NotGet'.