We talked in the summer about the comprehensive and beautiful app for Björk's Biophilia being added to the MoMA's permanent collection – very cool, but also surely one of the first instances ever that an app has been inducted into a gallery or museum space? Who knows.

That's not all. She must have a fan or two amongst the upper echelons at MoMA because there will also be a exclusive retrospective exhibition simply called Björk running 7th March to 7th June 2015.

The chance to chronicle this quite legendary artist's career has rubbed off on the publishing world also, paving the way for Björk: Archives.

The paperback details Björk's rise from her 1993 album Debut, through her 6 other major albums, up to the present day, taking in poetry, philosophical fragments, quotations and – it wouldn't be very Björk without it – some stunning visuals.

Your eyes will be happy to learn that they will be able to see Björk: Archives on 30th March 2015, when it will be released unto the world.

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