Black Belt Eagle Scout is the moniker of Portland-based Katherine Paul, who will be releasing her debut album Mother Of My Children through Saddle Creek on September 14th. Following on from the heart-rending single 'Soft Stud', she has today put out the compassionate 'Just Lie Down'.

Katherine tells us that "I like to find some sort of resolution in my songs be it a feeling I get from playing it, a certain part of the song that has lyrics that reflect it, something. My resolution in this song is when I sing the lyrics, ‘Just lie down, head on the ground, sky looks blue, just like you.’ To me, it was a simple poem you could say to yourself that means even though you are sad, even though there seems like there is no hope, look up and see what is above you. The sky is still blue and beautiful. Hopefully you will see that beauty and move forward.”

'Just Lie Down' is certainly caring and healing in its wan and soft vocals - but the guitar line itself is menacing, characterising the underlying discontent. This counterpoint between Black Belt Eagle Scout's calming voice and message and the song's restless sound is the driving force in what's a simple but impactful piece. Have a listen below or on your preferred digital platform.

You can pre-order Black Belt Eagle Scout's debut album Mother of My Children here ahead of its September 14th release.