A new TV series from Black Cab Sessions, Black Cab Sessions USA, will be aired on Channel 4 on the 29th February, as part of the 4 Music Zone. Black Cab Sessions are known for their unique way of seeking out new musical talent and showcasing it around the world; through performances in the back of a black taxi.

Black Cab Sessions USA consists of 6 parts, each exploring the musical heritage from 6 famous American cities; Philadelphia, New Orleans, Athens, Memphis, Nashville and New York, and features artists from Caitlin Rose and Jack White to Washed Out and The Roots. The series begins at 12:10 on the 29th February and the remaining episodes are shown on every following Wednesday night. The order in which the cities will be shown on each episode is listed below.

  • 1. Philadelphia
  • 2. New Orleans
  • 3. Athens
  • 4. Memphis
  • 5. Nashville
  • 6. New York