Black Daniel release their latest album Lets Get Sued on March 22nd 2010. Let's Get Sued is drenched in the musical traits that got Black Daniel noticed in the first place. Scuzzy, distorted, garage sounds, the shared vocal duties and interplay between Lamik and Craig (Lamik's English drawl, Craig's uber NY intonations), and the brazen, stomping songwriting, make this a band with one of the most identifiable sounds around. As if the record itself isn't enough reward for your hard earned £s, the ever-well-connected Black Daniel recruited their Brooklyn buddies Faile to be on album artwork duties, which essentially makes your Black Daniel album a collector's item! With a limited run of 1000 copies being made these bespoke album designs are a classic piece of Faile history. All singles in the lead up to the album release will be released online only, and FREE, for starters. What's more, fans can choose chose the most recent single, Look Away Sancho, via an online poll at Look Away Sancho, can be streamed now at, with Christmas looming at the time of release (there were advent calenders in Sainsbury's, for heaven's sake), Black Daniel planned a rather special, festive, musical treat for their fans, which will arrive down their web-chimneys on December 7th in the form of ‘The 12 Days of Blaxmas’, where fans could get a free download for 12 days.