Every so often I wonder if some experimental albums are made specifically with the intentions of messing with reviewers. A band sends us something that sounds crazy, we are baffled but described it as 'brave' and 'treading new ground'. As the review is released the band pulls back the curtain, screams "that it was all a joke" and the reviewer is left, embarrassed, in his pants. Black Dice's newest effort, Mr Impossible, is one of these albums. It is seemingly both 'brave' and 'treading new ground' but ultimately is just a little too insane to ever quite take seriously.

Ultimately, what matters is how much I can enjoy an album. I can think it's "interesting" as much as I want but if I want to turn it off one minute in to each song then the album is failing in it's objectives. Mr. Impossible is not a completely unpleasant experience but it's not exactly easy to listen to. It's not a album you'd ever be able to leave playing in the background and ignore. It claws, demandingly, at your attention.

Having caught your attention so rudely you'd hope the album would have something good to present to its listeners. Unfortunately the album has little of any real merit. It's difficult to understand where the band are coming from in their weird collection of noises and off-kilter beats. Some songs, like 'Shithouse Difter' genuinely seem to have no overall direction and end up being completely incoherent. I'm struggling to pass it off as something I just don't 'get' because I genuinely don't see what there is to get. Often with more experimental music it's easy to see what the band were attempting to do, appreciate the invention.

It's impossible to do this with this album because it's difficult to see what exactly how it's trying to innovate. It certainly sounds 'different' but that's not really enough. Mr. Impossible does what thousands of other albums have done, but incompetently. It sounds unique because it's lacking in tune or rhythm, not because it has genuinely found a new sound to explore.