Black Flag had a pretty ridiculous 2013 including lawsuits and some rather questionable album artwork. One founding member of the band, Greg Ginn, continued on as Black Flag with what seemed like a revolving door of members including Ron Reyes. The other band was fronted by Keith Morris and was known as Flag. When Black Flag's album What the... was about to be released, Ginn suddenly kicked Reyes out of the band mid-set.

The band's manager in 2013, Mike Vallely, delivered the news to Reyes, and took the mic from Reyes in the middle of that ill-fated set and played the rest of the show. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he's now confirmed that he's the band's new, full time vocalist.

In that interview he said "We feel that, generally, the band fell short in 2013 because of a difference in the philosophies of Ron and Greg – it just led to dysfunction," adding ""[Black Flag] can be a stronger, more cohesive, tighter band. We want to prove that." So, basically, they're apologizing for a pretty shitty 2013. He said they're also planning on touring extensively in 2014 kicking off in May, so keep an eye out for those tour dates.