With only two singles previously released, it's undoubtedly impressive that Black Gold Buffalo have already cultivated a recognisable and comfortable niche for themselves. This comes from several years as a band working and collaborating together before heading into making an album, allowing them to figure out their various dynamics and strengths.

Today, The 405 has the pleasure of premiering the next two tracks from the London-based fourpiece, which finds them further broadening their sound and style palette. 'Start A Fire' is the first of the two, a balmy desert rock affair, singer Keziah Stilwell vocally flitting around the orange glow of the band's tempestuous African-tinged rhythms and guitars, giving the song the feeling of a sensual but slightly discomforting tribal dance around the titular fire. The band says of 'Start A Fire': "We wrote this when we were living in a tiny flat in Hackney with landlords from hell. It was a stressful time for many reasons and we were really frustrated with it all. Its about the corporate fuckery that has taken hold of so many places and really just questioning how on earth we can change it? “What’s new?”… nothing."

The flip side of the double release is 'Magnets', is a more slow-burning, anthemic track, showing off Black Gold Buffalo's lofty ambitions with a prevailing rock groove that sounds ready for arenas. Black Gold Buffalo show patience and poise as they allow the song to drift and grow gracefully throughout its 4 minutes, never exploding but just allowing the song to simmer away nicely. This is a love song plain and simple. ’Something bigger than me”," says Black Gold Buffalo, "When you just can’t think of anything else but this person. A beautiful and total minefield."

Listen to both tracks below.

Black Gold Buffalo's self-titled debut album will be coming out on April 6th via Buff Rekkids. Keep your eyes on their Facebook for updates.