Things are looking on the up and up for Black Honey. They only kicked off their career in the middle of last year, but since then they've released a handful of ferocious sounding tracks including their latest, 'Spinning Wheel'. It begins quietly enough with Izzy B Phillips crooning over lo-fi melodies, beffore the song turns on its head and brings in some massive blues-esque guitar lines that would make the Black Keys jealous as hell, pairing perfectly with Phillips' seductive, dark voice.

'Spinning Wheel' is the second track on their forthcoming double A-side single which features the previously- released track 'Madonna', and it'll be out via Duly Noted Records. Their full list of tour dates can be found after the tunes, which includes a pair of gigs opening up for Superfood.

  • Tour Dates:
  • 08/04/15 Birmingham - supporting Superfood
  • 09/04/15 London - supporting Superfood
  • 25/05/15 Focus Wales Festival
  • 02/05/15 Live at Leeds
  • 03/05/15 Live at Glasgow
  • 14/05/15 - 16/05/15 The Great Escape Festival
  • 30/05/15 Wychwood Festival
  • 22/07/15 Croatia Rocks
  • 24/07/15 Secret Garden Party
  • 31/07/15 Y Not Festival
  • 01/08/15 Standon Calling
  • 02/08/15 Kendal Calling

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