New York was a special time and place for Chris Stewart and his darkly melancholic project Black Marble. During this period, Stewart released his first two records, both redolent, emotive and incredibly underrated. Now residing in Los Angeles, Stewart is kicking off a new chapter, announcing that Black Marble has signed with the esteemed label, Sacred Bones Records, who will release his new album Bigger Than Life on October 25th.

To celebrate the big move, Black Marble has also shared ‘One Eye Open’, a sprightly-sounding yet lyrically anxious new single. With the first two Black Marble records having combined the emotive basslines and riffs of post-punk with the chilling synthesizers of cold wave, ‘One Eye Open’ is a surprising, albeit refreshing change of pace from what we’ve come to expect from Stewart. It’s a playful and airy reprieve made possible by syncopated drums and staccato arpeggiation, which brings a new kind of energy to the Black Marble sound overall.

Also noticeably different this time around are Stewart’s vocals. Once buried beneath a deluge of captivating reverb, Stewart brings his low hum voice to the forefront of the track, resulting in a much warmer and intimate experience all-around. With this new-found warmth, ‘One Eye Open’ is a shimmering synth-pop response to the reserved gloom of his prior work, as it manages to hold true to Stewart’s darkly poetic musings on time and the pressures of expectations.

Make sure to check out the music video for ‘One Eye Open’ directed by Chris Stewart and Ben Pier below.

“[‘One Eye Open’] is about the idea of an artist as sort of sacrificial lamb,” Stewart says. "We seem to like when our public figures take a fall, which sort of makes sense considering societies long-standing desire to publicly flay the fortunate as catharsis, but I've always found it ironic that artists/musicians seem to fall into this category as well considering the disparity in income between say, a famous actor and a middling indie musician. Either way, 'One Eye Open' is loosely based on the visual metaphor of a high wire artist in a three-ring circus who elicits ooh and aahs from the crowd, but after a while starts to perform with one eye open as they grow restless."

Black Marble's new album Bigger Than Life is out October 25th through Sacred Bones.