London-based quartet Black Midi is a band you might already have heard talk of, as their epic and riotous live performances have already started a ripple of chatter in the music scene. This week they have released their debut single 'bmbmbm', and have impressively - and scarily - transferred that frenetic live energy to tape.

Black Midi make no effort to ingratiate themselves to listeners, instead starting off 'bmbmbm' with a crawling dirge of drums and bass, over which Geordie Greep is spewing words maniacally and practically nonsensically, combined with scratchy samples, creating an uncomfortable cacophony of sounds. The tension that threatens throughout the song's opening minutes then explodes out of the song's surface like gushes of blood from a sliced artery, with guitars, synths, drums and Greep's mania all combining into a far-from-graceful but undeniably thrilling conclusion. Check it out below.

The band will be playing this year's VISIONS festival in London on August 4th, with hopefully many more live dates and new singles soon too.