With the air outside pushing maximum humidity, an eager crowd descended the steps into the basement room of the 100 Club for undoubtedly the hottest ticket in town! As part of a series of gigs hosted by Converse at the legendary venue, San Franciscan three-piece Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were on this occasion playing to a more intimate crowd than their usual arena filling audience.

As smoke was pumped in to the iniquitous rock den and the lights laid low, it was clear that BRMC were about to turn up the heat as they launched in with 'Hate the Taste' from their new album Spectre at the Feast. The alt-rock fraternity were already buoyed up by the frenetic instrumentals of support act EIP and the infectious energy of pop-rockers Dexters, so the ensuing mosh-pit was an inevitability.

Filling the air like the laments of an American chain gang, 'Beat the Devil’s Tattoo' had everyone marching to Leah Shapiro's drum beat. Then aural emancipation followed with their current hit, the cover of The Call's 'Let the day Begin', which has an air of hope in its sound waves. BRMC have undertaken a rockier yet still uplifting reworking of this song to pay homage to bassist Robert Levon Been's father Michael, who sadly died of a heart attack backstage at their concert in Belgium in 2010. Understandably taking some time out after this tragedy, they've clearly come back on to the scene as formidable and as amped up as ever.

The heaving sweaty mass of the mosh-pit was further enraptured with the song 'Rival', with its combo of shouty lyrics, thrashing guitars and dextrously drummed rock beats. Proving that he's a rock god with a conscience Been reminds the raucous crowd of "peace and love and understanding and all that shit" probably in the hope that they won't also earn the accolade of 'The Band who Broke the Bones'! Picking back-up with the bluesy rendition of 'Ain't no Easy Way', we're reminded of why BRMC's brand of Americana is so enticing.

BRMC have always been minimalist in their staging preferring to let their music be the centre of attention instead of serving up a visual spectacle. In such an intimate venue and with the audience only inches away, their raw and ready approach was powerfully resonant. In this 12 song set they adroitly took us on a journey through past hits mixed with tracks from their current album, before finally sending the room into a frenzy by thrashing out 'Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)' and 'Spread Your Love' from their eponymous debut album. The final song inciting grown men to jump from the stage like a shoal of salmon vaulting upstream to get laid! Overall, a gig well worth getting sizzling under the collar for!