Blanck Mass will be releasing his new album Animated Violence Mild through Sacred Bones on August 16th. He's already shared 'House vs. House' and 'No Dice' from it, but if you thought things couldn't get more mind-fucking then wait until you see and hear 'Love Is A Parasite'.

The song in itself is a romp through industrial terror and epic sounds that could soundtrack a violent uprising - pretty normal stuff for Blanck Mass, although every time he does it anew it sounds incredibly thrilling again. For the video he partnered with Craig Murray, someone whom Blanck Mass (Ben Power) sought out, as he explains:

"I wanted to speak to Craig Murray about making the ‘...Parasite' video as his work definitely bridges that gap between the grotesque and the beautiful that I am so keen on" explains Power. "Presenting the darker theme of global mass consumerism whilst poking fun at the '80s and starring a Drag Queen overseeing chaos wasn't going to be an easy task but he nailed it."

Check out 'Love Is A Parasite' below.

Blanck Mass' new record Animated Violence Mild comes out through Sacred Bones on August 16th.