BLBX are a collective, but don't think of them as the arty sort that go around playing music with more genre tags than notes. They're a group of 5 producers that have come together to support each other and to form their own label, and to make some pretty incredible electronica at the same time.

Dynamically they can range from almost deep house to sparse and minimal techno between them, and as just a taster, we have an exclusive download of Kimberdrift's remix of Ghosting Season - 'Far End Of The Graveyard'

We caught up with Ambi:Non and Buffalo Tide just after they released their split single on the 25th on their own BLBX imprint.

What does BLBX stand for?

Two of our favourite words.

What inspired you to form a collective?

Initially, it was to release our own music ourselves. We want to avoid sounding like anything else out there and jumping on genre bandwagons like a lot of money-orientated labels. BLBX meant we could do what we want to without interference. These days it stands for more than that. Even though the individual artists aren't necessarily similar in style, we all share a similar ethic with regards to music/art/expression. BLBX inspires us to push each other forward, mingle our talents to make something even more interesting as a new entity. This is why we've performed live as BLBX, no matter what the formation of artists playing.

Do you prefer your output as individual artists or as the collective itself?

Mostly as individual artists. Occasionally we'll collaborate on projects, for instance, Diamond Cutters is an ongoing project between Kimberdrift and Jermaine Soul. We also come together for split releases and mixtapes.

Are you primarily remixers or producers?

We're producers first and foremost. So if we ever do remix, which we really enjoy, it won't just be timestretched vocals and a four-to-the-floor beat slapped on it. We're going to treat it as a production from scratch, potentially to the point of being unrecognisable from its original form.

What are your primary influences?

This differs between each of us. There are of course a select few artists that inspire each individual. Mainly though, its a shared ideology of originality, the process not outweighing the end result, and never compromising.

What's your goal as a collective?

To produce a consistent and prolific stream of original music for as long as possible. Recognition would be a nice bonus, but only a bonus.

Do you do live performances?

Not recently, but yes.

What bands do you think we should we be looking out for at the moment?

Many current bands seem to repeat what we've seen and heard done better previously. Fusing obscure genres seems to be popular these days, but often the results just sound weak and diluted. Over-the-top, virtuoso performances seem to be more important to artists than great music. But Austin Peralta, Shlomo (the American producer), Kansano, Prologik are all sounding pretty good right now. There are some musicians we love because their style can't be defined, while always remaining extremely enjoyable. Think Autechre, The Mars Volta, Bjork, SND, Radiohead.

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