Label: Tartaruga Records Release date: 17/08/2009 Website: Click Here The Postal Service, Bike For Three! and now Bleeding Heart Narrative & Gosia Winter. Beautiful records can be made when everyone involved haven’t even met. Whilst the former two projects relied heavily on electronic musicianship, appropriate due to the medium shared between each half, Bleeding Heart Narrative & Gosia Winter use ‘real’ instruments in spades, with each contributing all sorts of extra-curricular oddities, including the harp and kalimba, to the point that it’s not really clear who does what. The warmth and the personal touches present on this record defies the distance between the two musicians involved – they function so well as one unit that you’d never believe that they made this record in completely separate parts. Call it avant-pop, call it anti-folk, call it what you will: they do it beautifully. The piano is the driving force of the EP for the most part, with other instruments mostly serving to swell up around the song’s core, fleshing things out and wandering off on their own when appropriate. Everything is delicately and carefully dropped in to place in a minimalist fashion to create space for the real star of the show, the vocals. Often utilising loops of syllables or certain notes that build in cascades of voices and bounce behind the lyrics, best shown on , the vocals are definitely the strong point of the album, despite the fact that the instrumentation is also astoundingly gorgeous. I was having trouble trying to work out how to best describe the way they actually sound, and in the end I settled on the eternal art of the MS Paint Illustration:
It’s pretty self explanatory, really. Whoever it is that does most of the singing (apparently they both contribute) has a great range and walks the line between a higher pitched, innocent-sounding style and a warmer hum throughout the EP. And I’m aware that nothing Jenny Lewis has done could really be considered Anti-Folk. She’s just there for the sake of comparison. I am also aware that this EP will never become quite that popular, no matter how much it may deserve it. Unfortunately, things aren’t always perfect: the final two tracks are a fair bit messier, slightly lacking the subtle and delicate beauty that is shown elsewhere. At its finest, though, this is an absolutely amazing EP – the joining of two musicians who are seemingly made for each other, and the charming, comfortingly sleepy and beautiful noises they have made together. A wonderful surprise. Rating: 8/10