After taking Australia by storm with a string of live dates that battered eardrums and violated the senses Bleeding Knees Club released their EP Virginity. It went down well and more touring followed, they hit Europe with their show and blitzed every venue they set foot in.

This was last year and now they’ve released their full LP, Nothing To Do. Not bad considering they only formed in March 2010 and still haven’t learnt how to play their instruments properly. Instead building songs around what they can already play in true punk spirit.

The whole album is a love letter to the LA garage punk scene and any friends that decided they wanted to get together and make noise after school. The majority of the tracks are around 2 minutes long, all packed to the brim with searing guitar, chest destroying drums and good ol’ teenage angst.

All the classic influences are there, but originality isn’t always needed. Laying down 2 minutes of pure adrenaline and making it sound like you’ve known the track your whole life is an undervalued skill in the music industry of today’s chase for that new unique sound. You’ll be listening to ‘Teenage Girl’ for the first time and singing the vocal harmonies in the chorus before you even know they’re there.

Aside from ‘Lipstick’, a Strange Boys style rock n’roll crooner track, and ‘Beach Slut’, organs and a strangely tender vocal styling, the rest of Nothing To Do follows a very very similar pattern. But when you just want to rock out around your room, or speed your walk up when you’re late for a train who cares? Every track is a cracker that demands to be played as loud as you can bear it and will have you clamouring for tickets to see a live performance of the band.

It’s frenetic LA garage punk the way it should be played; by two Australian guys that surf, can’t play guitar scales and want to stay young forever. Hopefully, listening to this timeless record can make you a teenager again, whatever your age. Just don’t expect your neighbours to understand when you explain why it can’t be turned down.