Here is the five-piece dream-pop band themselves, Blessin'. Hailing from Denton, Texas, comprised of "Alex and Austin and John and Matt and Tommy", armed with their awesome name and a clear knack for making beautiful sounds, they've very recently released their Do You EP, from which this song 'Splat!' is taken.

Blissful lazy guitar chords strum alongside twinkling melodies and slacker-style drums, vocals floating in mists of reverb in what is mainly an instrumental track beset with feel-good solos and syncopated palm-mutings. Towards the end, a guitar scratches and scrambles with distortion, fitting wholly the melted-clock feel of the track, a malaise of heat and boredom evident in this languid track – yet at the same time, it's an airy flight of fancy, a slice of escapism, a cool breeze of sound to quell the heavy heat. We loves it.

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