Sometimes, when things are left to gestate on their own, they will produce extraordinary results. This was first documented way back in 1835. When Darwin took his Beagle to Galapagos. Heading onto the high seas to check out the local Tortoise scene. He noted that every island had developed as an autonomous state. Each with its own glorious synergy providing wholly individual results. Well, he said "the tortoises from James Island are rounder, blacker, and have a better taste when cooked," but we know what he meant.

Enough history. There is something happening in Oxford right now. Perhaps you've heard of it. Perhaps you've read about its cult like nature. Perhaps you remember some comment about University Challenge or some terrible play on their name. Some misappropriation of a scene which is less of a scene, more a collective ideal, an island. Where you help your buddies, your buddies help you, and in time you develop your own glorious synergy.

I'm talking about Blessing Force. The collective name that some friends (loosely based in Oxford) operate under. Drawn together by a mutual appreciation of each others art. They have, as shown by the compilation below, developed into handsome, and rather tasty, tortoises. (Sorry).

Shitty analogies aside. What you'll hear on Stutters #2 is a group of people who are driven by their own, and each others, art. That drive has pushed them into a thriving pocket of creativity. Making music which sounds fresh, new, and quite unlike anything else happening at the moment. Fighting against the tide, as an island of intelligent pop music, surrounded by a sea of mediocrity.

All of my writer instincts are telling me to list a bunch of the bands and name the specific genres in which they sit, but I fully intend to resist that urge, and simply say. There is not a band on this compilation that isn't worth investigating further. They are all worth your time, your energy, and your adoration.

Have a listen below:

We are proud to host the exclusive first listen here, and we cannot wait to follow the careers of these artists, head over to Blessing Force if you want to delve a little deeper.