Blind Pilot began to gain rocket fuel just a year ago, and you cant really get a more discerning and rapidly growing audience than that which would result from a tour supporting The Decemberists. Coming up they have their very own headline tour for album 3 Rounds and a Sound.

Progressing from a twosome to a fully fledged six-piece, singer Israel Nebeker and drummer Ryan Dobrowski first started playing together as buskers on a holiday in Newquay. After a couple of years they reunited near Oregon. Their experiments evolved into a full set of songs, which they took on tour down the West Coast, on bicycles.

Now, after having to give up the bikes for a tour van, they're in London. They open their set with 'Things I Cannot Recall', which most closely echoes their roots, and speaks about their first summer writing together: "We took off sleeping by the river and the beaches in your car / Up where you taught me how to drive a stick and told me your family secret."

You can hear the tightness between Israel and Ryans soft acoustics, but the other members provide essential nuances of their own, and give their music a weightier, anthemic feel. Dave Jorgensen on the trumpet and harmonium adds cheerful atmosphere, and constantly grins his head off, as if he cant believe his luck to be there. Similarly Kati Claborn gives us consistently beautiful vocal harmonies, and eerie melodic cadences with her banjo and dulcimer. The group are even joined by Sarah Watkins of The Decemberists for a Country-style fiddling session (that came out wrong). Unfortunately the Apollo was not entirely sympathetic to their sound, and there was a large amount of feedback on the lead guitar, which was also overwhelmed by the basslines. This was righted during the set, but some of the subtlety of their opening songs was lost in the meantime.

Their success is still clearly quite new to them: when Israel announces the eponymous debut album's single, '3 Rounds and a Sound' and a large portion of the audience cheers violently he exclaims "You know that song?" But having come as far as they have in just one year, they had better get used to it.