Label: Sub Pop Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Myspace In today’s musical climate, idiosyncrasy is a word rarely used; a ‘hawt new band’ can set off a trend that everyone latches onto and sucks the soul right out of. Sometimes, when one tries to be too adventurous and ‘break the musical barrier’, well… it can end up sounding like a 3 year old on a trumpet. Now, unless that 3 year old‘s way talented beyond belief and ends up finishing university by the time it’s 6, it’s going to sound crap. Like many other Sub Pop bands, Blitzen Trapper has had a surge of attention lately. The initial route they took at the beginning of their career was one down the smart, edgy, garage road channelling Datarock vibes, however this calmer, serene folk direction seems to have proved well for them, getting all the attention they deserve. Their latest single of their 5th album Destroyer of The Void, ‘The Tree’ is a twee story of love featuring the Californian psych-folk sweetheart Alela Diane & pours light and warmth straight into our hearts with a simplistic, country acoustic guitar, rich, charming male-female vocal harmonies that intertwine over the top to make pure Americana at its best. Lyrically, it’s a triumph too, sporting what could be one of my favourite lines of 2010 with “his beard is made of bees dancing wildly in the trees” over Alela’s “oohs” the flutter underneath. What these experimental chillwave types don’t realise is that less is more; you don’t need to aim to discover a new time signature that makes your music almost impossible to tap your foot to, you don’t need to drain your vocals in so many filters that it just sounds like a moody old man mumbling, you don’t need to make your song last fifteen minutes just to laugh at hipsters refraining from yawning! Certainly a musical jewel for the ears, forget downloading this single, you might as well buy their whole album. Photobucket