What? Is that another high hat I hear, shimmering from Matt Tong's drum-kit. The same tinkering we heard in dance infused singles 'The Prayer' and 'Flux', well yes,  I believe it is. This is of-course Bloc Party's newly anticipated internet release, 'Mercury'. It's fair to say that this is the most experimental we've heard Bloc Party, not to say this song pushes any boundaries, but it's certainly a far cry from anything on 'Silent Alarm'. The track is driven by a thumping drum beat reminiscent of 'The Prayer', and a pacing high hat which drummer Matt has been so annoyingly confined to. Shrieks of TV on the Radio-esque trumpet invade the speakers, pushing for space amongst the synths and Kele's repetitive vocals. His delivery is clumsy but full of energy. The song seems to drag, until a few minutes in, when suddenly were welcomed with a bridge of beautiful tribal drums and effects pedals, which points to Bjork's 'Volta' as an obvious inspiration.  Overall 'Mercury' is ambitious, maybe too ambitious. In all there excitement, they seemed to have placed all there ideas into this one song, making the final product over crowded, but promising.