Release Date: 26/01/09 Label: Wichita

Bloc Party. For half of you, those two words may have just made you vomit into your own shoe in disgust, whilst simultaneously scrabbling to press the X at the top of the browser with your other available hand, the one that is not handling the said sick-stained footwear of course. The other half will be eagerly waiting to hear what is being said about the band to which they hold dear. Then the other half will be indifferent, and may muster a non-committal mutter of ‘...Well, I thought Silent Alarm was alright…”. Idiotic maths aside, the point being they’re quite divisive these days. Much has been written about the electronic direction that has been taken post Silent Alarm, and this release is an interesting case and point. One Month Off is the third single from originally download-only Intimacy, which you can read the indepth fourohfive review of here.

Combined is the electronic repetition found in parts of Intimacy, but also mixed with a brass, strong ongoing guitar crunch that is reminiscent of AWITC’s Uniform. A hybrid that does work very well in this case, a sense of urgency in the underlining double-time drum repetition being offset against an infrequent guitar riff. Easily the strongest track off the hugely inconsistent album, and containing the most memorable lyric also, Kele yelping repeatedly: “I can be as cruel as you, fighting fire with firewood, I can be as cruel as you, fighting lies with lies”. One Month Off emerges from a wade of mediocrity to form a little firecracker of a single.