Release Date: 9th August Starting out with what sounds like the demo everyone would pretend to play on the school keyboards, ‘One more chance’ is Bloc Party but not as we know it. Keeping to a similar theme as their latest album ‘Intimacy’ the band has decided to stick with Kele’s long drawn out vocal style over heavy riffs and gritty base lines. As mentioned before the initial piano riff does make things seem a little 80’s at times, a feature which is not helped by a fairly repetitive drum pattern and dated clapping sound effects, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work. There’s a real sense of things progressing, if somewhat slowly from ‘Intimacy’ with the band obviously keen to keep elements that they have enjoyed. It may not appeal to fans who are looking for the next ‘Flux’ or ‘Helicopter’ but ‘One more chance’ is definitely worth a look in and shows us an ever evolving band that aren’t afraid to stray from their comfort zone every now and then. 7/10