Artist: Bloc Party (remix by Armand Van Helden) Single: Signs Remix Label: Wichita This Armand Van Helden remix of Bloc Party's 'Signs', is an unnecessary joke, right? A remix can and should be interesting, clever and as good if not better than the original, i.e Lykke Li's remix of Kings of Leon's 'Knocked Up', not the white noise that Armand Van Helden has turned 'Signs' into. 'Signs', without having been tinkered with by Armand Van Helden is superb, a 'So Here We Are' No.2 and easily one of the best on Intimacy. It's Bloc Party continuing to go their separate way to everyone else, still leading the way for the new breed. Armand Van Helden has turned it into banal dance fodder. Maybe the original needed a slight kick start, but not through a robotic, unoriginal drum machine beat and dull clichéd synths. So much more could have been done with it instead of a predictable lazy fiddle. Van Helden has used his so-called magic to just cut some of the vocal line into another of his ill-thought-out and uninteresting dance tracks. It can only have taken around ten minutes to 'create,' and that's including the time it to took for him to make a cup of coffee and read the day's newspaper. It will appeal to the hordes who find his music great, and granted there are many who think he is just that, but take a step back and listen to it properly and you'll find there is nothing there. So I'm now off to listen Lykke Li's 'Knocked Up' to get this remix off me. Rating: 3/10