I hate flying but damn is it gorgeous up there.

Taken right before my brother’s paper napkin yamaka almost fell in all 7 of those candles.

Celebrated Christmas on a beach... I heard it was in the 30s in NY.

There’s still sand in my shoes from the summer…

Me: hahahaahhhahahahaha / Her: let me know when we’re going to take the ph-

Ornament list:

- british decoration that i got when my girl moved here from the UK
- light up menorah
- plastic alligator some friends got me for my birthday two years ago (i don’t even know)
- souvenirs from Pride
- a little penguin made of beads
- an ornament that says “Happy Holidays 1994”

Everyone: let’s go to the beach it’s sunny! / Me: sorry gotta fix this reverb

This towel animal was funny. However, the towel bat unexpectedly hanging from the ceiling was not.

This was where my grandma lived for the whole trip.

My family after playing Left Right Center (dice game). We’re smiling but that game tore us apart.

Cutest little pup there ever was.

Missed you, NY.


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