Over the past year, there has been almost nobody offering as consistent an output as BLONDER. The project, which belongs to New Yorker Constantine Anastasakis, has essentially been a factory of amazing singles, with tracks like the lusty 'Talk To Me' or the sublime pop catharsis 'Lean' serving as a preview of things to come. And BLONDER is at it again with 'Just Because,' a punchy new single premiering today through The 405.

One listen to 'Just Because' betrays the fact that BLONDER has been informed by the larger-than-life New York indie rock sound once promoted by groups like The Strokes. But what makes 'Just Because' such a delight is how Anastasakis manages to take familiar elements and turn them on their head by infusing them with electronic flourishes. Add in the fact that this song represents yet another powerful achievement in songcraft and production for BLONDER, and listeners should be getting even more excited for the band's upcoming $5 EP, which is due out on June 16.

Anastasakis runs with a pretty good crowd in the New York music scene, as he can count folks like Frankie Cosmos, PORCHES and Wet among his supporters and friends. That kind of pedigree speaks well to BLONDER's skills and ambitions, as Anastasakis seems more than capable of standing apart from his pals and offering his own meaningful and deeply satisfying contribution to the music world. 'Just Because' is proof positive of this, even if the song was drawn from something a little more unfortunate.

"The song was written at the end of a relationship I was in, and it's kind of about that inertia that keeps things going even as they're slowly falling apart," says Anastasakis. "Sort of a companion piece to our song 'In and Out.'"

Give 'Just Because' a listen below and keep your eyes peeled for the $5 EP from BLONDER on June 16. You will not want to miss that one.