There is no wrong time for a layered, taut groove. The force behind New York synthpop act Blonder seems to be acutely aware of this, just like his friend Aaron Maine of Porches.

On 'Talk To Me,' the second single released by Blonder, the vocal protagonist imagines what it would be like to talk to a distant crush.

"The song is about seeing someone and knowing that'd you do anything to have them acknowledge you so you could talk to them," Blonder told Pigeons and Planes, where the track debuted. "The musical idea for the song came when I was working with my friend Aaron Maine in New York and I kept seeing this one person around that I wanted to talk to but never did. When I went to Los Angeles to record it, the one line that was audible in the demo was 'in the back of the car,' and that idea of what it would be like to talk to that person just stuck in my head."

Moody synths, clinking percussion and a thick, lusty bassline transport listeners into Blonder's world - a world that certainly seems well worth inhabiting. 'Talk To Me' follows up the single 'Lean,' but one has to hope that more will be coming soon.