A little more than a month ago, lusty New York synthpop act Blonder shared the deliciously sexy 'Talk To Me.' Now, that track has been reworked and reimagined by fellow New York indie pop act Wet.

The original's funky edge has been supplanted with a thick, hazy atmosphere that evokes images of rain-soaked asphalt splashed with neon lights. The moody slant is a decidedly in the style of Wet, well known for their excellent production and ambience.

"Joe [Valle, Wet's producer and multi-instrumentalist] is a new friend of mine in New York over this past year and I'm so excited because we have a lot of fun together and I really love his and his bands art," said Constantine Anastasakis, Blonder's lead singer and songwriter. "The first time we collaborated, we did a session at his studio in the Navy Yard this summer and it was like a million degrees and I thought it'd be a great idea to have him remix the song. After a few exchanges, when I got it back it was so sick to me because it felt like the underlying emotion of the song just put in a new form -- the syrupy and romantic tempo, the vocoder vocals and the beat."

Check out Wet's intoxicating new take on Blonder's 'Talk To Me' below, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Blonder enjoying some lazy days in LA.