Few bands are willing to embrace the strangeness of life quite like Blood and Glass. The group is preparing to release its second LP, Punk Shadows, on March 24. Highlighting the cinematic moodiness showcased through the record, the band is debuting the stunning title track from Punk Shadows today.

The track bristles with orchestral flourishes and pulsating beauty. Front woman Lisa Moore allows her powerful vocals to propel the song forward alongside a punchy arrangement of strings and percussion. The song's bridge is among the catchiest moments of music in 2017 thus far. According to Moore, the track and album as a whole are meant to serve as a rewriting of what it truly means to be "punk."

"Punk is not a hair style. It is not a fashion statement. Punk is the expression of inner freedom," says Moore. "It is the first time I am 100% proud of something."

Stream 'Punk Shadows' below and look out for the album from Blood and Glass on March 24.