It's wild to think that it's been three years since Blood Orange dropped the excellent Cupid Deluxe project, although Dev Hynes has made sure to keep us entertained since. Now, however, he's alluded to a forthcoming album in an interview with V Magazine, disclosing its title as Freetown Sound.

"It's pretty strange," he stated regarding the new music. "There are a lot of samples on this record, but not necessarily songs made from samples. It's all me. It's inspired by old Dust Brothers records, very cut and paste. It's like my version of Paul's Boutique. It kind of plays like a long mixtape."

Unfortunately, there is no release date as of yet. But in order to offer something to look forward to, Dev also went on to state that in terms of subject matter, there is a lot there and a lot of thought went into his creative choices:

"It looks into my childhood and examines who I am at this point in my life. There are so many crazy layers to it that it's actually quite hard to talk about it, but the record is very reflective of how my brain works. This is gonna sound terrifying, but there is a strong theme of Christianity on the record. When I was growing up, Christianity was drilled into my head so intensely, to the point where, as a child, I was meant to be left-handed but was forced to use my right instead. Left-handedness was seen as a sign of darkness. Freetown Sound also has a lot to do with Freetown — the capital of Sierra Leone — which is where my dad is from. The record addresses the way Christianity was brought to West Africa and the way black households held on very tightly to Christianity because it was this beacon of hope… and how eventually this somehow led to someone in a school telling me not to use my left hand. It's been very interesting for me trying to understand and tie all of these things together. It's been a way of working through it. There's also a lot of stuff about race and specifically things that have happened to me."