Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, has shared a new track - 'Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?' – something that has the atmosphere of a jazz lament, the expansiveness of soul-cleansing ambience, a meandering, tortured track with fragmented basslines and explosively overdriven drums, pockmarked with the popping FX'd vocals characteristic Blood Orange; he sings lines like, "the further our journey the less you care / that's why you laugh at Kanye when he's talking in a chair," speaking about the everyday lives of black people away from what voices of white privilege say about it.

Add to this tracts of aching piano, gradually more skittering drums, fluid otherworldly guitar reverbing and you have a song that simultaneously effuses this gloomy groove, a soulful heartbreak of a groove, whilst also providing a platform from which Dev speaks what's on his mind; part of this speaking aloud section, its beginning, is about painful name origins:

"Not only is my last name a name originated from the slave trade, but it literally means "a servant". It's a weird thing to have to carry around – I'm proud of my name, I'm proud of my dad, I'm proud of my family – but it's very strange to have to carry that every day. We all carry that, every black person carries that."

It's powerful. This word gets used a lot, but it's correct in this context: Dev Hynes' thoughts and feelings laid out on such a troubled sea of a musical backdrop, the stormy dynamics of that music, the actual words he says and sings. He tells us he is "another in a messy world" – or "an other", to go deeper – and this so simply sums up his loneliness and frustrations evident throughout the rest of the song: he feels like an outcast in, and because of, a world that is still very, very far from being perfect.

At the end of last year, Dev Hynes soundtracked a short film that documented protests following the decision not to indict cop Darren Wilson after he murdered teenager Michael Brown.