"We are Blood Red Shoes, welcome to heaven." The thunderous heart-stopping drums and lacerated Led Zep riff of 'Cold' roars out from the hazy crimson lit stage as tonight Heaven Under The Arches goes to hell.

Standing in a repro of the In Times To Voices cover (an artist's bedsit with one table, one lamp, one blank screen tv) BRS open the set with a violent punch of 'It's Getting Boring By The Sea' they taking no time to raise their fist again they go straight into 'Don't Ask'. BRS are here to show that they're a band at the height of their game.

With a new album out (In Time To Voices) most bands tonight would play a nullifying set of just new tracks, but BRS always ones to put their fans first delve into recesses of their backcatalogue with an fresh as the day it was released rendition of 'Light It Up' as well as fan-favourite, 'You Bring Me Down'. When they do play tracks from In Time To Voices they fit seamlessly into the set; the alienated angst of 'Lost Kids' takes on a new heightened urgency, whilst the hazy melody-led 'Two Dead Minutes' proves BRS can have the same intensity with the volume dial turned down.

Despite the symbolic sparsity of the stage, Laura-Mary (Carter) and Steven (Ansell) have a dynamic that is strong enough to rival any four piece as they fill every inch and every decibel. Laura-Mary confidently takes control of the stage going over to Steve drums to headbang for the climatic close of 'This Is Not For You' after Steven has halted the crowd with one raised drumstick for the break. Still only just Laura-Mary's guitar and Steve's drums and no other backing the sound is full enough to engulf Heaven's cavernous arches and never seems lacking.

The only downer about tonight's set is the audience themselves who seem as blanks as the TV screens on stage. A slightly early show due to a club night later on, the audience barely moves for the first few songs until Steven shouts, 'it's time to wake-up everyone!', before 'In Time To Voices' with Laura-Mary trying to illicit a response by starting a handclap to the opening beats. Finally coming to life for a beer fight during 'I Wish I Was Someone Better', the last song before the encore, it too little too late.

Closing the encore with the ferocious nose-bleed inducing assault of 'Je Me Perds', tonight Blood Red Shoes gave their all and left deserving so much more in return.