Bridging the gap between a Stranger Things soundtrack-inspired beginning and the dark undercurrents of 80s new wave, ‘Romeos’ is an affecting and stunning effort by Berlin-based indie rock quartet BLOODHYPE. Coming from the group’s debut EP, Wolves, which debuted this past April, the four-piece act has now released their kinetic new music video for the track. Written and directed by Terrence Matlin and shot by Maximilian König in New Jersey, the 90s-themed cinematic clip is brimming with great allure, a sense of urgency, and this murky nuance behind its ominous portrayal of lovers on the run.

The indie coalition of BLOODHYPE is made of Elmar Weyland, Erik Laser, Matt Mueller, and Pit Romersa. Originally a punk rock collective, the members later sharpened their sonic tone, holding onto the passion of punk, but contributing more of the gorgeous reverberations of dream-pop, shoegaze, and 80s post-pop. ‘Romeos’ comes off the heels of the band’s first music video this year for ‘Wolves’. Stylish, foreboding, and drenched in nostalgia, BLOODHYPE finds poignancy in their storytelling and beauty within their arrangements. There’s definitely great promise to be seen and heard with BLOODHYPE, as the band’s 3-track EP is a strong way of cajoling their listeners for wanting so much more.