Whatever happened to horror punk? You know, the cult-esque subgenre pioneered by Danzig-era Misfits that threw the most morbid imagery in your face via some of the most violent riffs ever to grace your ears? The Misfits have attempted to recreate its popularity many times ever since their wonder years, but have never quite clicked with the fact that some things should just be left dead in the ground.

Bloody Knees understand this, and instead choose to create a testament to horror punk through 21st-century slacker-punk connotations: skateboards, slobbery, and horror punk via the Misfits – three key themes on their debut self-titled album. "I want to crawl inside your skin and feast on what's within / and when I find your heart I’ll tear the fucking thing apart," goes the slightly deranged chant towards the end of 'Who's Hungry?', the album's closing track. Imagine if Wavves' debut had a higher production value, pop punk hooks and channelled Danzig for his lyrics and you’re along the right tracks.

Listen to the stream below, download the entire album for free here, plus check out their Facebook and Twitter for more info.