You may be familiar with the Danish duo Blue Foundation, what with their five studio albums and viral hits, including syncs to popular TV and film, like Twilight, Miami Vice, CSI: Miami, and more. Well the band is back after a two year silence since their last album with a new video, for a cut that’s more relaxed than their most popular tracks. 'Brother & Sister' originally appeared on the band’s 2015 LP, Blood Moon, but with the new clip, which you can view exclusively below, they usher in the next era via their forthcoming EP.

'Brother & Sister' is a simple song that still holds emotional high ground, avoiding any of that sibling rivalry. The video was directed by partners Dayla and Colin Kennedy, who are based in Los Angeles. Their son, Felix Stec, is the star of the Blue Foundation video, a professional dancer of several disciplines despite only being thirteen years old. He shows his passion well against the backdrop of LA’s downtown and arts districts, while his foil--the facade of a woman--dances in the shadows of a parking garage adjacent to the headquarters of the LA Times. With lyrics like, “you walked down the street in an endless sky, in an endless sea,” the song raises more questions than it answers, and the video also feeds into the ambiguity. If these two are relatives, why the shroud of mystery? Perhaps that is the best depiction of family we could really ask for.

The new release from Blue Foundation will feature two new songs, two remixes, and a live rendition of 'Stars Fall Quiet' featuring a 30-piece choir. To keep up with the band, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.