Montreal by way of Berlin duo Blue Hawaii came back from their indefinite hiatus in 2017 with their album Tenderness, and it was no one off: they've got another album called Open Reduction Internal Fixation coming out on October 11th. Their last album moved them more towards strictly dance-focused sounds, and that continues on their new single 'All That Blue'. They fully admit this by saying:

“All That Blue” is a dance-floor friendly slapper written in early spring of 2019, in Berlin and Montreal. It features Ra delivering a syrupy, relaxed verse wishing away the dregs of winter and grey skies, contrasted against a belted chorus demanding all that blue and sunshine. Deep bass, spacey acoustic guitar, saxophone, heavy vocoding, and hypnotic drums form the basis for the lyrical feeling, chugging forward towards good vibes."

Even with that introduction, the forceful thump that drops in and out of 'All That Blue' is still quite a surprise - but a caffeinating, delightful one. Around this the duo lay on a plethora of sounds that are reminiscent of the dreaminess we knew them for in their early days; words that speak of amorphous things drifting into wafts of saxophone, snippets of laughter burbling up between the beats, and some groovy augmentation that will undoubtedly make you want to move.

Blue Hawaii's new album Open Reduction Internal Fixation comes out October 11th through Arbutus Records. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.