The convenient accident of finding themselves stuck in Hong Kong for a few days seems to have done wonders for Blur's latest outing, Magic Whip. Being inspired by the city-nation itself does not only lend itself tentatively to the sound of the music, but – of course – to the album's aesthetics, with neon lights and Chinese script for artwork, and a probably-suitable video for album track 'Ong Ong' featuring monster/bug/ice-cream costumes and 8-bit videogame sections.

But why stop there? Why not create a comic called Travel To Hong Kong With Blur? Why not indeed. So they've done that. Created by KongKee – an artist from HK-based studio Penguin Lab – it's a fantastical story set in a futuristic version of the city that did so much to inspire the band.

Travel To Hong Kong With Blur will be available at their upcoming shows as well as their webstore.

Below, get behind-the-scenes with KongKee.