During an AMA on Reddit back in April, Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker alluded to a seemingly all-too-common frustration among musical artists:

"Up until recently, from all of tame impala's record sales outside of Australia I had received.... zero dollars," Parker said. "Someone high up spent the money before it got to me. I may never get that money."

It's not as if Tame Impala are some low-level band playing bar tours, so to be completely voided of any money outside its parent country for music sales is staggering. Following up on the grievance, the band's publishing company, BMG, has issued a lawsuit to Universal Music Group and 13 other companies for not paying the band's due mechanical royalties, seeking $450,000 USD.

Universal is denying all responsibility for the alleged lack of payment, citing that it was the responsibility of Sydney-based record label Modular Recordings and its founder Steve Pavlovic, who is no longer with the company (which is now half-owned by Universal Music Australia).

Universal Music Group's statement reads: "Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings totally reject the claim made by BMG that they are in any way liable for unpaid mechanical royalties relating to the band Tame Impala. Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings were not involved in contracting with BMG over mechanicals for sales of Tame Impala recordings in the United States."

"A totally separate US registered company – owned and operated by Mr Pavlovic – is responsible for contracting with BMG and for any mechanicals liability."

"Mr Pavlovic, who is no longer employed by Modular Recordings, has confirmed that this matter has nothing to do with Universal Music Australia or Modular Recordings in Australia."

"Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings are confident that the claim against them is baseless and will be withdrawn or dismissed by the Court."

According to Music Business Worldwide, the lawsuit claims that "the label failed to make due quarterly royalty payments within a 45-day window," which has owned Tame Impala's back catalog since March 2014.

The lawsuit is ongoing.

Check out the band's recently released single 'Let It Happen' below.

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