I was completely unprepared for my first encounter with Bo Ningen two years ago, I decided on a whim to catch a Horrors show at the last minute and wondered in knowing nothing about the four men who were about to walk into the light wearing bright pink netted trousers, looking somewhere between some '70s obscurity and the band from a Hawkwind-like vision of the future. Watching the looks of confusion on The Horror's surprisingly young audience over their long haired androgyny and acid fried space rock was almost as fun as the set was incredible.

Bo Ningen's are all Japanese, but they're band originated in London, a city that will never completely understand them. But they're not worried, they've always made music that's been out of this world. Songs a step removed from reality, only able to communicate through their raw energy and unhinged intensity.

Their newest track 'DaDaDa' from their forthcoming third album makes contact with a bassy dirge of propulsion, dialling down the freak outs to channel the energy into precise strikes of blasting percussion. You probably won't understand a word of it, but those soaring guitars are universal, a reminder that, in the end, freaks and bewildered alike all marvel under the same sky.

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