When my vision's squiffy, mouth has the texture of pumice and the night before is still ringing through my ears, like a distant unfamiliar alarm screaming a protest through a dense fog, the comfort of a pile of duvet and soothing tunes is the only salvation. With inner ear ringing, as eery as the sound of birdsong on a hazy am walk home, I always reach for Boards of Canada's tunes to dilute the excess from the night before and help evaporate some of the smog. 'Dayvan Cowboy' should be prescribed alongside vit c, copious amounts of water and a decent boxset as part of a foolproof hangover package, no matter how Fear and Loathing the prior evenings' hijinks may have been. It's melodic, familiar and as soothing as somebody (you know) stroking your forehead and whispering, 'everything's going to be alright', as you piece together the flashbacks and cringe between chomping down on cold pizza. No matter how many mistakes you make, this track is always a good decision.