Boards of Canada have pulled back the curtain on their creative process in a surprisingly frank interview with The New York Times.

Mike Sanderson and Marcus Eoin, the brothers that make the duo, spoke about how they create their sounds by using regular instruments and then "destroying" the sounds:

”So we'll maybe spend days just playing various things, wind instruments, strings, guitars, bass, synths, for hours into the samplers and then feeding those sounds through stacks of destructive hardware and resampling them to make unrecognisable new sounds. This is all before we even begin writing any tunes."

The brothers also spoke about their favourite sounds on the record, with Eoin describing how they created the string sounds on 'Semena Mertvykh':

"It was performed into a dissected VHS deck with the motor running super slowly, so you can hear all the pockmarks, the dropouts on the tape. It’s mono, too, which gives it something special. More people should record in mono these days."

The main reason for the lengthy gap between albums was down to the pair cataloguing and archiving their early recordings. Sandison revealed that they now have "case of tapes" full of "empty and abstract" music. Whether these unreleased pieces will see a release is unknown, a compilation would definitely be welcome.

(via Fact)