Receiving an email last week informing fans they could download the new Boards of Canada single 'Reach for the Dead' was a pretty satisfying conclusion to the globe spanning treasure hunt surrounding their forthcoming album. So, now all we have to do is wait for our pre-ordered copies of Tomorrow's Harvest to arrive next month and we’re golden?

It would seem not because yesterday, it was apparent that something else was coming our way, and it will be waiting at 5pm local time... in the Californian desert.

For those who made the journey to the remote town of Yermo, the sight that greeted them was an old truck, a caravan and two speaker stacks. Through these speakers, the whole album was played in full.

Attendees were told they could record the first three tracks, some of which have appeared online. You can preview some of that material by heading here.

After that, it was a desert listening party for a lucky few, which is not a bad way to hear the new record. Unless the elusive duo has any more surprises planned, the rest of us will have to wait a couple more weeks. Tomorrow's Harvest is out June 10th on Warp Records.