Pop-house duo Bob Moses took the world by storm with their debut album a couple of years ago, and they shall attempt to repeat that feat with their second album, which is called Battle Lines and will come out on September 14th through Domino.

The pair tells us that “This record is about the battles and struggles we all live through...Battles within ourselves, battles with and within our society, battles between each other, with our loved ones, battles between ideologies. It’s also about struggling to identify where those battles lines start and end, and what within us and within our environments cause these struggles, and ultimately cause our suffering. It’s also about the struggle to reconcile with those things, somehow.”

This is certainly the driving force of lead single 'Back Down', with the pair sharing a bold and up-front song about their desires and how they'll do anything to get to them. Rendered in their summertime sounds, 'Back Down' becomes a future festival anthem, full of blissful belief in yourself. Check it out below.

Battles Lines comes out September 14th; pre-order it here.