Bobby Shmurda was one of 15 people arrested yesterday as part of a sting to reduce violence.

His car, apparently sitting in a car outside Quad Recording Studios in Manhatten – the location of the NON-fatal shooting of Tupac in 1994 – was raided and 16 weapons were found. SIXTEEN. That's a lot of weapons.

Also arrested was Sha Money XL (G-Unit) and a few other members of Shmurda's own group, GS9.

This action is, explained by Kati Cornell (spokesperson for New York's Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor), the result of a long-term investigation, which uncovered "a number of violent incidents as well as narcotics trafficking."

With Shmurda being held prior to his court arraignment, later on today, indictments against "a number of individuals" will be revealed.

He has a certain history of vice, however — June: Shmurda was indicted on weapons charges for carrying a loaded Glock handgun. October: Shmurda was arrested for possession of marijuana. Hmm.