When you have the likes of Sugabed and Daedelus singing your praises, regular radio plays by the likes of Huw Stephens/Rob Da Banks/Annie Mac/Zane Lowe/John Kennedy/Mary Anne Hobbs, and serious label interest, you know you must be doing something right. This is the situation Bobby Tank is in, and it only takes 15 seconds of 'LionStar' to understand why.

In a 'getting to know you' move, we decided to get Mr Tank to talk about 'Maximalism', a style firmly at the heart of his music. He also put together his top five 'Maximalism' tracks. Enjoy!


"I think maximalism still remains to be one of the the most secluded sub-genres amongst the many imbedded in electronic music today but I for one am extremely honored to be a part of it. The beauty behind this new crazy genre is that there are no holds barred, giving musicians the opportunity to really confidently express themselves without having to worry about following generic trends or worrying about if including a certain progressive synth solo (for example) maybe considered a bit too much.

"I'm a multi-instrumentalist and sometimes whilst creating certain tracks my mind goes into overload and skepticism can usually get the best of me but in the end I usually go with what sounded best in the first place thus conceptualizing maximalism. I'm hoping maximalism continues to grow and with the way electronic music is evolving, producers and musicians have the ability now to approach their projects with as much confidence as possible. As Duke Ellington once said 'if it sounds good, it is good'."

Hudson Mohawke - 'B Ur Fantasy'

Though only being a snippet, you can hear how Hudson has captured the essence of all things epic in amongst those crashing drums and baby d's pitched up vocal chop. Lovely jubbly.

Slugabed - 'Skyfire'

Distorted saw waves and filtered lo-fi pads together to set you on an absolutely amazing journey through the eyes of Johnny 5 after hitting some of that hyper-dank (that fluffy green stuff if you didnt know what I'm on about.)

Mike Slott - 'Knock Knock'

One the first tracks I heard by this guy. From a background of musicians you can clearly hear the intricacy in his composition that sets him apart from wonky beat music.

Dabrye - 'Special'

Dabrye knows. Nuff said.

Lunice - 'Fancy Forty' (Rustie RMX)

Always been a fan of Rustie. He really does know how to stir up a banger. May be a little stripped back compositionally being a remix and all but he has really made something quite special here. Those drums!